Seeking Truth & Justice at Kent State
The Day that Changed America

Pre-Register to Participate & Share Your Truth

We call all original 1970 Kent State witnesses to register to participate in the Kent State Truth Tribunal. We welcome and invite all 1970 Kent State witnesses and participants who experienced firsthand the seminal events of May 1, 2, 3 & 4, 1970. We also welcome participation by individuals whose lives were directly touched by the Kent State shootings. Please join us at KSTT-NYC on October 9/10.

Registration and participation are free.

Who Is an Original Participant?

  • Witness of the 1970 Kent State massacre
  • Kent State protester and/or student
  • Ohio National Guardsman
  • Civil/state/federal government worker
  • Kent State University administrator or educator
  • Local Kent resident from 1970
  • Family impacted by the shootings
  • Meaningful
    participant of the prelude/aftermath
Laurel Krause's Invitation to Share Your Truth

Please pre-register now to share your truth at the Kent State Truth Tribunal. By pre-registering, you guarantee your place and pre-registration is free.

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