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April 23, 2021


Dear Allison,


Even though you’re not with us, I am writing to wish you a happy 70th birthday. This is my bittersweet wish from your little sister who still looks up to you. Five decades later, I still want to tag along with you and follow your lead. It has been my honor to grow up with you, and to know and love you every day dear Allison.

I want you to know my greatest surprise has been that ever since forming the Kent State Truth Tribunal and the Allison Center for Peace, I’ve healed a little each day. Who knew that searching for truth and accountability related to your killing at Kent State would help me feel better and find peace in my life? Kent State peace is a double blessing you ignited. ;-)

Allison, even after all these years, you continue to drive me with your peaceful, kind, astute and loving spirit. I especially enjoy the pranks I see with your name written all over them. Please keep ‘em coming.

On the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, the day before your 19th birthday, you celebrated your commitments to peace, against war, to a planet in harmony and your love for all beings in a Buckminster Fuller-inspired geodesic dome set up on the Kent State University commons. A moment that embodied peace in its sacred geometry, its energies and its presence.

Bucky’s geodesic dome was erected just days before President Nixon destabilized the United States with his Cambodian invasion and then called you a “bum” for reacting to an escalating war in Vietnam. In response, on May 3, 1970 you said, “What’s the matter with peace? Flowers are better than bullets.” 

Thank you for continuing to guide us. For whispering encouragement into the ears of peaceful young persons even today and for driving peace worldwide in thousands of other ways. I am so thankful to have you in my life and have so much gratitude for the strength you give me to fight for truth and accountability at Kent State as I stand with you!

Wanted you to know in the coming days we are returning to the United Nations for the U.S. 5th periodic review. We’ll join other human rights organizations to demand accountability for excessive and deadly force used by law enforcement and the military against citizens and protesters. We’re also working to make sure the U.S. government never kills another protester again.


Happy 70th Allison! 


Love, peace and healing to the folks, family and Manny, 


Laurel xo


Laurel Krause’s letter to Allison may also be read at her blog.  

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