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Stand With the Truth Tribunal

The Kent State Truth Tribunal continues to seek accountability and truth related to the Kent State massacre. In 2010 we began to collect testimonies of Kent State survivors and witnesses at three Truth Tribunals and then followed a path to international accountability for the protection of U.S. protesters, which took us to the United Nations in 2014. 


The Kent State Truth Tribunal is a nonprofit organization, which means you are our most important backer. Your donations enable our actions for Kent State truth to thrive and helps us challenge the US government on Kent State. We’re counting on you to make sure we continue to correct history and stand for the protection of protesters today. 

Support the Kent State Truth Tribunal


Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CHARITABLE, 501(c)(3) DONATION. Contact Us to make your contribution via The Institute for Media Analysis Inc., the fiscal sponsor of the Kent State Truth Tribunal. 


Make a DIRECT CONTRIBUTION via PayPal HERE, or send a personal check to the Kent State Truth Tribunal.


Mail your check to: 

Kent State Truth Tribunal
Post Office Box 191
Mendocino, CA 95460 U.S.A.


Thank you for your Kent State Truth Tribunal contribution.

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