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Almost ten years ago on a mission to uncover and honor the truth at Kent State, and to begin setting the Kent State massacre record straight 40 years later, Emily Kunstler and Laurel Krause held three Kent State Truth Tribunals. In 2010 at pop-up shoots in Kent, San Francisco and New York City, the Truth Tribunal filmed, honored and collected the first-person narratives of more than 70 original witnesses and participants of the May 4, 1970 Kent State massacre.

For the 50th, will you please “Fund the 50th” to help share the voices and truth from the original participants and witnesses of the Kent State massacre? 

Stand with Allison for Truth at Kent State

​Kent State Truth Tribunal efforts are focused on organizing, producing and building the Kent State Truth Tribunal Testimonials Online Archive to share and learn the “People’s Truth,” the People’s History of Kent State. The Truth Tribunal will release and post the Truth Tribunal testimonials as they are completed … as we fund. Your donations literally build the Kent State Truth Tribunal Testimonial Online Archive of original participants and witnesses of the Kent State massacre. 

“If you’ve ever wished to donate to the Kent State Truth Tribunal and support truth at Kent State, there is no better time than now. Help us build the Truth Tribunal online archive with a target date to complete by the end of the Kent State 50th anniversary on May 4, 2021.”   

--- Laurel Krause, Allison’s sister

The Kent State Truth Tribunal is a nonprofit organization, which means you are our most important backer. Your donations enable our actions for Kent State truth to thrive and helps us challenge the US government propaganda about Kent State. We’re counting on you to make sure we may continue correcting history and standing for the protection of protesters today. 

Launching the People’s History of Kent State 

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Thank you for your Truth Tribunal contribution. The Kent State Truth Tribunal is a grassroots and family-organized operation. Your donations power our efforts for Kent State truth, peace and healing. The Truth Tribunal is not only committed to launching the online archive of Kent State Testimonials Online Archive, but also continuing our campaign before the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva and our core mission in standing for the protection of American protesters today. 

The photograph "People leaving the Commons area, National Guard personnel and tear gas in background" is used with permission from the Kent State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives.

Stay current on Kent State Truth Tribunal plans and updates for the 50th Kent State coming up on May 4, 2020.

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