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Honoring the Killed

Allison Beth Krause, age 19 - 343 ft (105m) - fatal left chest wound, died hours later

Jeffrey Glenn Miller, age 20 - 265 ft (81m) - shot through mouth, killed instantly

Sandra Lee Scheuer, age 20 - 390 ft (120m) - fatal neck wound, died minutes later from loss of blood

William Knox Schroeder, age 19 - 382 ft (116m) - fatal chest wound, died in hospital undergoing surgery

Honoring the Wounded

Joseph J. Lewis, Jr. - 71 ft (22m) - shot twice, right abdomen, left lower leg

John R. Cleary - 110 ft (34m) - upper left chest wound

Thomas M. Grace - 225 ft (69m) - shot in left ankle

Alan M. Canfora - 225 ft (69m) - shot in right wrist

Dean R. Kahler - 300 ft (91m) - back wound fracturing vertebrae, permanently paralyzed from chest down

Douglas A. Wrentmore - 329 ft (100m) - shot in right knee

James D. Russell - 375 ft (114m) - shot in right thigh and right forehead 

Robert F. Stamps - 495 ft (151m) - shot in right buttock

Donald S. MacKenzie - 750 ft (230m) - neck wound

Measurements note distance between shooting guardsmen and student protesters

This “Honor Thy Protesters at Kent State” graphic is used with the permission of Prapat Campbell

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